Election Notification


Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society,
  2390 - B.K.B. Hidayatullah Road ,
 Azam Campus, Camp Pune – 411001.

The Election Programme of the elections of 13 members of the Governing Board of the Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society , Camp Pune -01 is hereby notified as follows.

Sr. No.

Programme  as Scheduled

Date / Time.


Publication of Tentative List of Voters.

On 07/03/2011


Objection by Members to the Voters List for addition, deletion in the Voters’ List to be preferred to the Election Officer.

From 07/03/2011 to 20/03/2011
( Both days inclusive)

2  (a)

Hearing & decision of the objections, if any ,  on the Tentative list of Voters 

From 21/03/2011 to 24/03/2011.


Final publication of Voters list

On 28/03/2011


Issue of Nomination forms

From 29/03/2011 to 01/04/2011


Receipt of Nomination forms

From 29/03/2011 to 05/04/2011
In between 11.00 am to 3.00 pm.


Scrutiny of Nomination forms

On 06/04/2011


Publication of the list of Contesting Candidates

On 06/04/2011 till 5.00 pm.


Withdrawal of  Nomination forms 

On 08/04/2011


Publication of the Final list of Contesting Candidates

On 08/04/2011


Date of Polling by Secret Ballots.

On 25/04/2011 In between
8.00 am to 5.00 pm.


Counting of votes

Immediately after voting is over on 25/04/2011


Declaration of the Result of Election

Immediately after counting of votes on 25/04/2011.

Important instructions to the voters, the Candidates intending to contest the Elections & the Officers of the Society, are as follows.

  1. The place of   the Publication of Tentative & Final lists of Voters , & the Inspection thereof , receiving the objections of individual member to the Tentative list of voters , hearing of the objections &  decision thereon  by the Election Officer , issuance of nomination forms , acceptance of Nomination forms , scrutiny & withdrawal thereof  & Publication of Final list of the Contesting  Candidates, polling , counting of the votes & declaration of the results of Elections & publication thereof , is Conference Hall of Haji  Gulam Mohammad Azam Trust, Azam  Campus, 2390 B.K.B. Hidayatullah Road Camp Pune – 411001.
  2.  An Individual Member / Voter shall verify correctness of his/ her Name & Address in the tentative list of voters notified on the notice board of the Election office & kept in the office for inspection.
  3. Objection or objections of only individual Member / Voter to the tentative list of voters only for addition or deletion shall be entertained. Enemas Objections to the Tentative list of voters shall not be entertained.
  4.  The Candidates intending to contest the election shall fill in the nomination forms by following the procedure   & guidelines laid down in Section 33 of the Representation of the Peoples act, 1951.
  5. Copy or Copies of the Final list of voters will be supplied to Candidates or Voters on their request on payment of requisite copying charges.
  6. The voting will be by secret ballot papers supplied by the Election Officer on the date & at the time of Polling.
  7. Any Kind of mall practice & interference in the process of Elections are totally prohibited & any Member / Voter indulging in such activities will be disqualified for voting by the Election Officer. 
  8. At  the time of polling the voters are required to show identify proof such as Driving license, Election Card, Pan Card or Bank Passbook in which a photograph is posted or any other authenticated   proof of identity  to the Election Officer otherwise he / she will be restricted from Polling.  

Issued on 7th March 2011. Under my Signature & seal of the Election Office.



Competent Authority

Election Officer,
Maharashtra Cospolitan Education Society,
Azam Campus, Camp, Pune.


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