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Date of Birth : 28th December 1945 at Mumbai. Educational
Qualifications : B.A. (Hons.) Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

He is recognized for a wide range of work in the fields of education, construction, legal matters and philanthropy across the country. Pune based P A Inamdar has come a long way from his very humble beginning. The journey has been possible only because he invested his best in everything he believed would better the education system, society and consequently contribute positively to the growth of the country.

Son of a policeman, Inamdar had a large family. After his father retired, there was a time when finances were a problem. Yet, he managed to complete his studies moving from Bijapur(Karnataka) his home town to Sholapur and then Kolhapur where he completed his graduation in the Arts stream. Then he could not pursue education and so had to take up a job which he found with the Land Records Department, Pune. That was the first step for Inamdar to branch out in the construction industry and grow by word and deed.

Take for example the educational institutes he has founded or is member of. Or the number of legal issues for minorities he has taken a keen interest in. Not one to shy from his responsibilities, once Inamdar recognizes an area to work on; he takes it upon himself to improve it. Like he has with giving Muslims better education, a listing in the OBC category for 60 Muslim communities etc. What's more is that other linguistic and religious minorities now look at him as a guide for working on ways to better themselves.

Talking with the aam aadmi is never a problem for the man who is fluent in Kannad – his mother tongue, Urdu, Hindi, Marathi and English. Here is a man who is always on a mission. A mission to make a healthy difference.
Educationist in action

Not everybody can do wonders to an educational institute the way P A Inamdar has to the Azam Campus in Pune. He took a keen interest in developing the 23 acres that originally housed two primary and two secondary schools and groomed it to house an impressive 29 educational institutes.

The idea was to make available excellent educational facilities for Muslims primarily and others. Today, his efforts have paid off with Azam Campus nurturing 25,000 students from pre-school to post graduate courses. Shining among the institutes is Anglo Urdu Boys and Girls High school that over the last few years has been producing toppers in the SSC exams.

Besides the Azam Campus in Pune, P A Inamdar has set up schools in his hometown of Bijapur in Karnataka, Ahmadnagar and in Vadgaon Sheri in Maharashtra. They are named after his mother Tahirunnisa Inamdar. He is also responsible for launching public libraries and a girl's junior and senior college in Bijapur in his father A R S Inamdar's name.

Moving many steps ahead, Inamdar is on the boards of several educational establishments. In fact, he is probably the only Pune resident to have national vision sound enough to be included in prestigious educational ventures working across the country for a number of minorities-religious and linguistic.

    Member, National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, GOI, New Delhi.
    Member court (Senate) Jamia Milia Islamia Central University New Delhi
    Member, Pharmacy Council of India.
    Member, Management Council, Aligarh Muslim University.
    Member, Management Council, Hamdard University, New Delhi, A Govt. of India Trust.
    President, The Federation of Linguistic & Religious Minorities Education Institutions, Mumbai
    Vice-President, Confederation of Minority Education Institutes of India.
    President, Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society, Pune.
    President, Maharashtra Medical Education & Research Centre, Pune.
    President, P.A. Inamdar Education Trust.
    President, Everest Education Trust.
    Chairman, Crescent India Medical Education Trust, Pune.
    Chairman, Pune Oriental Education Trust.
    Secretary, Golden Jubilee Education Trust
    Trustee, Haji Gulam Mohd Azam Education Trust
    Member, Managing Committee, Co-Cap Education Trust.
    Changing the face of Madarassa schooling

Perhaps where P A Inamdar shines most is in the efforts he has taken in the uplift of Muslims across the country. In this direction, special mention must be made of his initiatives to change the leaning of education in madarassas from solely religious to one that includes other subjects as well.

Sensing the urgent need of the hour, he has set the ball rolling towards modernization in Madarassa education. His commitment to this has resulted in a sea change across the country with the introduction of subjects like computer education, Child Psychology, Accounts, English language and Mathematics in Madarassa education.

Naturally for such a change to be accepted and effected, teachers must be convinced and trained. For Ulemas (male teachers) and Aalimas (women teachers in madarassas), he has introduced a six month specialized training course on the lines of a D.T.ED (Diploma in Teachers Education). His endeavors have met success with Imams as well through his perseverance in providing educational, medical and financial support .

Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society under dynamic leadership of P. A. Inamdar, is now giving training to Ulemas from every district of Maharashtra. Ulemas are teaching the next generation with the help of LCD Projector, and Computers ! Mr. Inamdar also keen to provide vocational training to these Ulemas.

Philanthropist at heart When so much is going for one, one does think of giving it back to society. But not all can do it in the right manner at the right time. That's where P A Inamdar stands tall. Besides individual contribution to a number of hospitals, orphanages and charitable institutes, he is on the board of a number of institutions involved in social work. As such, he is responsible for a number of their initiatives. Chief among them are:

  • Executive Vice-President, Maulana Azad Foundation, New Delhi
  • Member, Civil Society Advocacy Committee for Poliomyelitis
  • Eradication, Jamia, Hamdard Deemed University, New Delhi
  • Trustee, Yateemkhana & Madarsa Anjuman Khairul Islam, Mumbai
  • Trustee, Tayabia Orphanage, Pune
  • Member, Advisory Group, Centre for Equity & Social Justice, Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration, (YASHADA) Pune
  • Former Member, Maharashtra State Minorities Commission, Mumbai.
  • The Azam Campus houses these among other recognized institutes:
  • M.A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences and Research Centre.
  • Allana Institute of Management Sciences
  • Allana College of Pharmacy
  • Allana College of Architecture
  • Z.V. M. Unani Medical College and Hospital
  • M.A. Rangoonwala College of Physiotherapy and Research
  • A.K. Khan Law College
  • Rangoonwala Institute of Hospitality Management
  • HGM Azam College of Education (B.Ed and M.Ed)
  • Abeda Inamdar Senior College of Arts Science and Commerce

Legal Eagle at work
His involvement with various legal issues has seen P A Inamdar grow in his knowledge and perception of the law. So much so that he is consulted by a variety of institutes, leaders of communities, religious heads, bureaucrats, politicians and the common man for the same. His guidance is sought on matters such as:

  1. Laws relating to the establishment and administration of Educational Institutes.
  2. Laws in respect of rights of religious and linguistic minorities in respect of establishing and administering educational institutions:
  3. Laws pertaining to the rights of socially and educationally backward classes (OBC's):
  4. Laws concerned with Co-operative Banking and Co-op Societies Act.
    • Laws relating to the Construction and Building Industry, viz
    • Land revenue code
    • Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act
    • Town Planning Act
    • Income Tax Act
    • Labour Laws
    • Law on Gratuity
    • Law on GPF
      Different laws on service conditions of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff
    • Tenancy Laws
    • Land Acquisition Act

Businessman on the job
o Construction of residential and commercial spaces is his work area. Besides Pune, where he is part of a number of construction companies, P A Inamdar is the MD of Brad berry Hotel (India and UK) and partner Tain Technologies, Romania. Mr. Inamdar also worked as President, Promoters & Builders Association, Pune – now known as CREDAI .

o President, Ahura Builders, Pune
o Chairman, Tain Constructions, Pune
o Managing Director, Brad Berry Hotel, India
o Managing Director, Brad Berry Hotel, U.K.
o Managing Partner, Ahura Technologies, Pune
o Partner, Tain Technologies, Romania
o Vice-President, Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry
o Former President, Promoters & Builders Association, Pune – now known as CREDAI
Given his skills and knowledge, P A Inamdar is an orator par excellence who has delivered lectures and chaired over seminars, conferences and workshops the globe over.

Books for the people, of the people
Recognizing the power of the written word, P A Inamdar has chosen to turn publisher as well. His publishing house is busy bringing out books on the lives of renowned Muslims who have made a difference to India's growth through their thoughts, words and deeds.

Mr.Inamdar had published a full-fledged volume on Dr.Mumtaz Ahmed Khan(Founder,Al Ameen Movement,Bangalore)

The second volume 'Muslims and 1887' was published on the 150th anniversary of 'mutiny of 1887'.Both received rave reviews and wide recognition at national level.

For third volume PA Inamdar chosen Saiyed Hamid,real Muslim face of India.

    Two books have been written on P A Inamdar. They are
  1. 1.P.A.Inamdar – A living legend –English (Usool Publication ,Pune)
  2. 2.P.A.Inamdar :Ek Jivanakhyayika-Marathi (Usool Publication ,Pune) Association with Banks

Recognizing Inamdar's influence in the community as well as his efforts at giving better than the rest in any and everything that he did, Inamdar is :
Convener, Western Zone, Central Panel, Assistance Education Programme in India, Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah
Former Chairman, The Muslim Co-operative Bank Ltd, Pune.
His faith

An accepted authority on discussions on comparative religion, he believes in intercommunity harmony. He believes there is only one God whose message to all of us is to stay together in peace.

His persistent efforts are credited with bringing 60 Muslim Communities into the Official Government list of OBC's. It has given these communities a chance to make the best use of the opportunities offered by the Indian government to OBC's in the form of reservation in every field - from education to getting employment with the government.

As Chairman of the Muslim Co-op Bank, Pune, he has been instrumental in increasing the deposits of the Bank from Rs six crore to Rs 500 crore. He has added 16 branches to the bank increasing the branch strength from four to 24 branches.

His innovative housing, finance and educational schemes have ensured that at least one youth in every Muslim family in Pune benefits either educationally, in employment or in getting housing. He is thus credited with not only changing the face of the Muslim community in Pune, but also changing the thinking process of the Muslim community.

A man worth his salt
Born in Mumbai in 1745, December 28, P A Inamdar went on to complete his Bachelor of Arts from the prestigious Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Then on, he worked in the Land Records Department, Pune, went on to become partner work for a construction company – Arrora Builders and later started his own construction company –Ahura Builders. Education came next when he saw in Azam Campus the potential to develop a world class multi discipline learning centre.

Married to Abeda Inamdar ,who matches him step for step in enthusiasm and ideology, the couple has three sons, each qualified in his chosen field. Eldest son, Tanveer has followed in his father's footsteps, opting to become a builder, then is Iftekar an advocate and the youngest, Parvez, a doctor who has recently set up the 250 bed Inamdar Hospital in Wanwadi, Pune recently.

Over time, his areas of work, interest and philanthropy also expanded as we can see in the work recognized by stellar members of India:

Dr Rafiq Zakaria: "Inamdar is essentially a secular person. He does not believe in communisms even as he promotes the interests of his community all the time. He has accomplished all his ambitious educational goals within the framework of the law and in the light of the constitutional provisions. Never ever has he given a communal touch to his campaigns or resorted to an agitation approach. Nor has he committed any legal impropriety. Being well versed I laws and regulations, he takes recourse to legal hair splitting to achieve his goals…"

The writer is a former minister and an internationally recognized Islamic scholar who has been given the National Integration award by the National Commission for Minorities.

Shantilal Mutha: "There is no parallel in Maharashtra to the great educational awakening that he has brought about single handedly in the Muslim society…"

It is not the Muslim community alone that has benefited by this benevolent activist with a perceptive mind and a keen eye on the social upheavals and the ebb and flow of politics. The Jain Samaj too owes him a debt of gratitude. He has addressed many of our public gatherings and given us many novel and constructive ideas through his powerful oratory."

The writer is the national president of Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana (BJS) and Federation of Jain Educational Institutes (FJEI)

Prof. Javed Khan: "I distinctly remember one occasion when he had applied for sanction for a law college. As usual, the request was turned down. He lost no time in knocking at the door of the judiciary. After a through scrutiny of the matter, the government pleader argued that the sanction applied for was against the government policy contravened the constitutional provisions relating to minority rights negating the same. He went on to argue that it was for the government to decide whether its said policy was correct in the light of the clear directions of the constitution. Ultimately, the permission for the college was granted. I must mention here that it was the first case in the history of law college where the case was fought under the Minority rights and permission obtained." The author is former state education minister, a social activist and chairman, CIDCO.

Prof. Dr. Pa. Bha. Kulkarni: "While he was working as a member of the Maharashtra State Minorities Commission, he studied the Indian Constitution and became an expert on constitutional matters. When needed, he approached the High Court and even the Supreme Court to get Redressal of the grievances of the minority institutions under Article 30 (11) if the constitution granting rights to establish and administer minority educational institutions. Being the President of the Federation of Linguistic and Religious Minorities Educational institutions, he brought together all such institutions of Pune District on one platform to discuss their various problems and seek Redressal of grievances through legal and constitutional measures. The recent judgment regarding the linguistic and religious minority educational institutions is the result of his tireless efforts. His success in his legal battles has created an unprecedented awareness among the minorities.

Being a member of the Pharmacy Council of India, he got an opportunity to study the rules, regulations and procedures relating to establishing and running of professional colleges…For those who wish to establish and run efficiently linguistic and religious minority institutions, he is a friend, philosopher and guide.

As a member of the Maharashtra State Minorities Commission, he was entrusted the task of examining the Maharashtra Universities Bill. He suggested several amendments before the Select Committee of the State Legislature. The select committee highly appreciated his efforts and his keen interest in the University Act.

One more landmark achievement of Inamdar is the creation of awareness among the Other Backward Classes (OBC's) regarding their rights under Article 16 (4) of the Indian Constitution. The said Article gives them special rights to secure admissions in medical, engineering and other professional courses. Inamdar was the first person to publicize the problems of the OBC's which were lying badly neglected. He convinced various communities that the provisions of OBC do not apply only to any one particular community but to all the communities."

The writer is former trustee, Principal and founder, College of Engineering Technology, Pune, Maharashtra Institute of printing Technology, Pune and former trustee, chairman, Pune Vidyapeeth Griha, Pune.

Dr. B R Naik: "In my opinion, today among numerous problems faced by the Muslims, education occupies the centre stage in particular girls' education. It is a well established historical social reality that only a community, whose women are educated makes strides in progress which in turn transforms its entire social fabric. Realizing this, Inamdar created such institutions and innovative schemes which have made it possible for the girls to be equipped with education to attain their goals in a conducive and pleasant atmosphere in one and the same campus. This is an outstanding social and historical deed for which the educational world will ever remain grateful to him."

The writer is a highly respected legal luminary and senior advocate in the Mumbai High Court.

Lalit Kumar Jain: "One hardly hears him talk about the uplift of Muslims alone. His constant refrain is the eradication of negative influences from the Indian society. He believes in a society where everyone obtains his rights equitably, where one's rights do not pose any threat to others and where people are impartially and justly judged by the exclusive yardstick of ability. "
The writer is a reputed builder, philanthropist and head of many organizations.
Mushtaque Antulay: "He fully grasped the demands of the times and with his innovative mind created new horizons and broke new grounds, giving a totally new orientation to Muslim education. It would be no exaggeration to say that he created history by shaping educational institutions capable of catering to the needs of the present and future generations."
The writer is former MLC, and chairman, Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board.

Ashok Dhiware: "…while others set up their educational institutions with the help of political and social leaders and the backing of readily available donors, he is totally self reliant. He is personally and actively associated with the projects from the conceptual stage to their ultimate finalization. Single handedly, he formulates the plan, seeks out donors, meticulously supervises the implementation and gets the institutions going."
The writer is former Additional Commissioner Police, Pune.

Saiyid Hamid: "He is a builder not only in the literal but also the metaphorical sense. The professional competence and the pursuit of perfection that he respectively acquired and adopted in raising edifices served him in good stead when he took to building organizations and institutions. He had learnt the art of placing layer upon layer of bricks, of careful planning and meticulous execution. He transferred this acquisition naturally to the multiplicity if his educational endeavors.
The writer is former Vice Chancellor Aligarh Muslim University and Chancellor, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi.

Awards –

    Naturally a man of his caliber would be recognized by society with awards. Among them are:
  • Al –Ameen all India Community Leadership Award (Banglore)-2008
  • JIVANGAURAV AWARD by Pune University-2007 (Pune)
    For Institutions
  • 1.Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Literacy Award (By Maulana Azad Education foundation, Ministry of Social Justice and
  • Empowerment)(Delhi) Under P A Inamdar's leadership. Under his leadership, MCES won this one lac rupee award.
  • Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Literacy Award by Rashtrawadi Congress Party-2008 (Mumbai)

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